In 1797, the first commercial vineyard in the United States was planted in the Kentucky Bluegrass Region. Many German immigrants flocked to the Cincinnati area on the Ohio River. German immigrants like Robert Ruf, Henry Stahl, Mathias Darfinger, as well as Joseph Conrad, Joseph, Michael and George Schweitzer left Baden Germany, traveling through Antwerp, and arriving in the Augusta, Kentucky area by the mid 1800s. Since the Ohio River around Cincinnati reminded the german settler’s of their Homeland, these new settlers dubbed the area, “America’s Rhineland(R)”. The German immigrants helped construct impressive wine cellars and premium wine was produced in Augusta, Kentucky by 1856. The Kentucky Bluegrass produced some of the finest wines in the United States in the mid 1800s.

The historic Abraham Baker wine cellar is restored and newly named in the German tradition, Baker-Bird Winery. That is, the name is based on Baker, who built the winery and Bird, who currently owns the wintery. The Baker-Bird brand denotes high quality wines. In 2010, you will be able to visit the winery, which is on the United States National Historic Registry, the Civil War Heritage Trail, and the Freedom Trail. The historic vineyards and winery restoration allows you to savor the tradition of fine wines and “Tasting History(R)”.

A tasting room in the cellar, wine shop and vineyard/historic winery tours give visitors the ultimate wine experience in an historic setting. The Winery features a unique atmosphere and hospitality. The retail shop offers an array of interesting items, and goods produced by Kentucky farm families. Art and craft items created by local artistans are also for sale. Facilities for corporate and celebration events are available. And remember the delicious wines….

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Keep in mind all proceeds from the sale of wine goes to restore this historic landmark as well as help support Kentucky farm families